before series 3 airs

let’s have a big, ridiculous internet party

and call it The Reichenbach Ball

count me in pls

Dear Sherlock Fandom,

This is a great idea, but please stay away from any rooftops okay? We really like you, but if you die, getting you back will be a pain in the ass.


That supernatural fandom

P.S. we are not going back in time to save you either.

Yours truly, the Doctor Who Fandom

Well, with these two being so terribly unhelpful, I guess that leaves us to.. clean up the corpses. We will honour you properly.

The Hannibal Fandom

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camp nanowrimo starts in like 5 days i totally forgot i need to prepare 

  • read the complete works of sherlock holmes
  • buy a few hundred pounds of tea
  • sleep, because i won’t be doing so for a month
  • tidy my writing space
  • yes i’m sure five days is enough

Think about the most awkward thing that has ever happened to you.

Now imagine Hannibal giving Will Graham a hug.

watching hannibal is an extremely masochistic activity


people assume that breaking will graham is a strict progression of psychoanalising to framing for murder, but from a cannibalistic serial killery viewpoint - it’s more like a big ball of hallucination clock drawing swiggity swag stag stuff

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it occasionally upsets me that I can’t pronounce like half of the Hannibal episode names

^ someone had the nerve to post what i was thinking 

Alright, since I have a French final coming up I’m actually gonna try and pronounce them all

1 - “Apéritif”: Ah- pear- ah- teef

2 - “Amuse-Bouche”:  Ah- mooz- boosh

3 - “Potage”: Poh- tAHj 

4 - (I can’t find if it’s supposed to be ceuf or oeuf, so I’ll post both) “Œuf”: soof, oof

5 - “Coquilles”: Coh-kee

6 - “Entrée”: Ohn-tray

7 - “Sorbet”: Sor-bay

8 - “Fromage”: Fro-mahj

9 - “Trou Normand”: Troo- Nor-Mohnd

10 - “Buffet Froid”: Buff-ay-Fwah

11 - “Rôti”: Roh-tee

12 - “Relevés”: Rell-ev-ay

13 - “Savoureux”: Sav-or-oh

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Stream Hannibal S01E12: Relevés

Reliable link to stream Hannibal s01e12 online, free and safe

— Taking Long Walks at Midnight, Alone

Sherlock/Hannibal Crossover

The one where Will Graham finally accepts who Hannibal Lecter is and what he does; and what he does about it and with who.

Click read more for the beginning, I’ll post more as I write it.

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